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Gold is used as the currency of the server. This can be in golden ingot or golden block form. You can get this from mining it or selling items and or use it to buy items you don't currently have!

To create a player shop, first, build it near spawn in the shopping area!, Build a path to the shop from one of the main paths!


Next, You will need to get a Shopkeeper! These can be bought (not slavery promise) from The Business Exchange (Giant workbench) next to spawn!


It will cost you 3 golden ingots to get the Trader. Use right-click while holding the Egg (not looking at a block) to cycle through the shop types.


Once you've selected the correct type, Place a chest Inside your shop floor and put the villager next to it. Put the items you wish to sell inside the chest and shift right-click the villager to open its menu! You can now set the price by clicking the cross below the item to set its price in gold!

If you want to move the shopkeeper you can delete him and pick the egg back up!


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