MAD-Network Rules

The following rules are accepted by every player on the server:


The use of any non-standard Minecraft clients that give an unfair advantage over other players is considered hacking. Examples include, but are not limited to, kill aura, anti-knockback, speed boosts, attack range increases, quick bow firing, x-ray, and auto-aim. This also includes any auto scripts and disallowed mods. 

We only Allow Optifine Officially. If you have a mod that does not affect game-play you an ask an Admin if it is allowed.


The intentional use of mistakes, errors, or loopholes in any of the server plugins, plugin configurations, or Minecraft itself. Glitching includes, but is not limited to, getting through the bedrock and on top of the Nether, flying in fly-disabled zones, using Enderpearls to access closed off areas of the server, and duplication Glitches. Any form of Glitch/bug/exploit that gives you a advantage over another player will result in a Warning, Temp Ban or Perm Ban

Threatening / Racism

The use of threats, of any sort, are not tolerated on MAD-Network. This includes, but is not limited to, death threats, DDoS threats, hack threats, doxxing threats and any other threats of violence, in-game or off the server. DDoS threats are especially not tolerated, in any fashion, towards anyone or anything, and will be dealt with immediately and permanently banned.

In context using a phrase or word that would insult a group of peoples beliefs, religious views or background. The use of any racist terms, in any context, intentional or not, is not acceptable on our game servers, Discord server or associated forums. There is absolutely no excuse to use any racial slur, of any type. Racism will not be tolerated in the following fashions and includes, but is not limited to, jokes, images, URL’s, greetings, private messages, or builds.

Advertising / Spam

The intentional stating of another server name, IP address, website or discord invite links with the intent to take users from MAD-Network. Advertising your, or another person’s, social media is prohibited unless authorized by the server staff; this includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, and Twitter. The medium used to advertise makes no difference and includes, but is not limited to, forum posts, private messages, signs, and in-game mail and private messages on our server discord. The accidental mention of another server name, depending on the context in which it is used, can still be considered advertising.

The continued posting of the same letter, word, sentence, command in rapid succession. Spam is considered to be, but not limited to, random letters (gibberish), countdowns/countups, song lyrics, repeated phrases, double posting, or commands, including but not limited to pay or teleport requests.

Griefing / Portal Trapping

Griefing is classified as the intentional, malicious destruction of another user’s builds, to include default server builds. Griefing includes, but is not limited to, the use of lava, TnT, water, mine carts, or animals to intentionally annoy, disrupt, or otherwise disturb another user’s build/plot.

Portal Trapping, The act of intentionally creating a portal that allows another player to enter, but not exit, thus disabling their chat and ability to leave the portal.


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