Server Updated (McMMO, PlayerShops and more!)

The server has been live for about a month now! Things are going well and we are still updating the server every week or so. Today we introduced McMMO, A plugin that introduces skills and abilities into Minecraft enhancing the native mechanics while extending the gameplay in ways that feel natural and require no client mods.

We have also recently introduced player shops which allow you, The players to create shops and sell your items for money. You can then spend that money on buying other materials from someone else's shop!

We also have a new world! Bubbles has created a private world that he can play with his viewers. PvP is enabled in this world and claims do not work. Good luck and enjoy playing! You can catch him streaming at Https://

More updates will be coming to the server in the near future but to get change-logs remember to join us on discord. Link is on the Homepage!

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